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What my clients have to say

" Hey Dakota, I wanted to say thanks for another amazing time this afternoon!  I truly cherish the moments we get to spend together.  You are an incredible woman and I am already looking forward to when we see each other again"

"Dakota Thank you for the wonderful session it was exactly what I was looking for, great person very down to earth great experience very nice place hope to see you again"

"I had an amazing experience.  Thank you for helping me feel comfortable and for being so incredibly sexy.  I'm still turned on thinking about it.  You'll definitely be seeing me again."

"Hey Dakota :) Really enjoyed out time together as well.  I was so nervous at first lol but your vibe put me at ease and I was so relaxed around you :) Can't wait until my next visit.  I will definately be back :)"

"Wasn't sure what to expect when meeting you, but I was blown out of the water.  You were so friendly and inviting I relaxed right away and the massage was one of the most sensual experiences I've ever had!  I'm still thinking about it even now!"

"Amazing content.  Great quality and shows all aspects of a diviine goddess!"

"I just want to start of by saying how gorgeous Dakota looks.  To behonest I think she looks better than her posted pics.  She has a really nice personality and upon entry to her residence she immediately puts you to ease (this is coming from an introvert).  Really bubblyand a great conversationalist.  Shower was mandatory which I was happy to see.  Before the massage started she asked me if I had any area I wanted her to pay close attention and she did pay close attention to said muscles.  She has really soft hands and the massagewas top notch.  Ended it off with a great ending and a smileon my face.  Chatted a bit more once it was over.  Took a finalshower and said my goodbyes.  Definitely not a clock watcher and I will be seeing her soon"

"Thank you so much for the session we had, very professional and loving.  We started conversation as though we knew each other for ages.  Really loved the vibe and positivity around you.  Will definitely come back again.  Your the best !!"

"Babe, your album is stunning and sexy !!  You definitely have amazing energy.  I hope to see some more clips soon"

"I had my first date with Dakota yesterday and wanted to share my experience.

From the moment we first saw each other, there was a connection.

We spoke freely about different topics and it was like we have known each other for many years.

I felt completely relaxed and at ease.

Her massage is A+ and she pampered me like a King.

She is intelligent, considerate, a "knockout" and I will definitely be seeing her again"

"I realize this isn't terribly gentlemanly of me, and usually I would be more eloquent in choosing my words, but OH MY GOOD LORD WERE THOSE PICS SMOKIN' --- woah --- like, I'm speechless --- you really are a treat to behold.  Your eyes are sexy as anything, your sly smile, everything down to your very cute toes --- amazing.  Thanks again for sending those through.  Wow, just wow... "

"I don't know where to start can't say enough good things about you from beginning to end the experience was amazing you really made me feel comfortable and safe, the whole package beauty and brains"

"Having purchased content from Dakota multiple times now, I trust she will deliver and the videos and photos have been sexier beyond my imagination.  There's a sort of mystical allure to the way she moves, that always has me coming back for more...

"That was so much fun, you were very professional and warm you made me feel like it wasn't my first time meeting with you, you have such a best bubbly personality I would recommend anyone to book you."

"Just wanted to send you a big "THANK YOU" it was great session we had.  You are very easy to talk too and put me at ease instantly.  The overall experience was excellent.  You are a great person, have a great personality and sexy as fuck...... You made the whole experience that much more pleasurable.  You are a woman that is oozing sexiness.  You are fantastic and excellent at providing the raw sensual massage.  Can't wait to see you again."

"What an amazing time!  You really made me feel welcome, comfortable, and sensual!  I loved how you could read into my reactions even without me needing to be verbal - I could tell when you started smacking me a little harder ;)

An experience with Dakota is truly an out of body experience.  Her bubbly personality greets you right from the start and makes you feel welcome and relaxed.   Communication leads to a mutually enjoyable experience leaving you waiting to see her again."

"I was debating on signing up for your onlyfans but as soon as you showed me some love, I returned the favor and signed up.  I DON'T REGRET IT NOT ONE BIT!  You are so beautiful all the way around and I can tell that you have a really bubbly personality, I love it!"

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